Cable Impacts brings you InCtrl, a series of free standards-based lessons, originally developed by Cable in the Classroom, that teach key digital citizenship concepts. These lessons, for students in grades 4-8, are designed to engage students through inquiry-based activities, and collaborative and creative opportunities.

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Your Digital Footprint: Leaving a Mark

In a digital world and information-sharing age, it can sometimes be hard to understand where privacy ends and what the real risks are. Everyone cares about their reputation, but many students don’t know that what they do online can impact their digital footprint, permanently. In this lesson students will continue learning about the rights and responsibilities they have as digital citizens, and gain awareness of steps they can take to be safe and secure, and be empowered to make smart choices in order to remain InCtrl of their digital reputation!

This lesson consists of two videos and a lesson plan.

For the Teacher

Many students don't know that what they do online can impact their digital footprint, permanently. This video explores how having control over your digital footprint is an important step in managing your privacy.

Featured in this video:

  • Belinha De Abreu, Ph.D, Media Literacy Educator, Walsh Intermediate School, Branford, CT
  • Eric Langhorst, 8th Grade American History Teacher, South Valley Junior High School, Liberty, MO
  • Frank Gallagher, Executive Director, Cable in the Classroom
  • Amanda Lenhart, Senior Researcher, Pew Research Center

For the Student

Like many teens, Zoe is often online sharing what she’s up to and tagging her friends in photos. She thinks it’s all in fun but her older sister, Emma, understands how all these interactions leave a digital footprint. Watch Zoe and Emma have a light-hearted and positive conversation about making smart choices and being in control of your digital reputation.

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Lesson Materials

Learning objectives in these standards-based activities:

  • Identify what personal information should remain private, and what is suitable to be shared publicly
  • Demonstrate good digital citizenship
  • Explain how one’s digital footprint can impact him/her in the future

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