Help Students Be Smart in a Digital World

In this webinar you will learn about InCtrl and hear a middle school teacher describe how he's initiating conversations about digital citizenship with his students and helping them be smart online.

Digital Citizenship is a holistic and positive approach for teaching issues like Internet safety and security, digital literacy, digital ethics and responsibility. It also helps students build and maintain positive digital reputations.

This webinar covers the basics of digital citizenship, the thinking behind creating InCtrl, and effective use of these resources in an 8th grade classroom. Watch this webinar recording to gain an understanding of digital citizenship and receive tips and examples for weaving InCtrl into the curriculum.

"Teaching students to be good digital citizens is an extremely important topic. Unfortunately it is too often neglected because adults are not sure how to address and explain the issues. The InCtrl curriculum helps teachers start the discussion about digital citizenship topics which can then be supported by and continued with discussions at home."

Eric Langhorst, Teacher

Webinar Recording

Webinar: Empowering Students to be InCtrl in a Digital Age

Featured Speakers:

  • Frank Gallagher, Cable in the Classroom
  • Eric Langhorst, American History and Technology teacher at Discovery Middle School in Liberty, MO

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